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T-Shirt Ideas Submission Competition

Do you have an idea? Do you want $100? Well, we'll give $100 to anyone who gives us a best-selling and completely original design, phrase or slogan. Submit your idea below and we'll contact you if you're successful! Terms and conditions apply.

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Chargrilled Slogan Voter

You need to do a TShirt that adapts the green food Hygiene sticker that is outside every food premises but replace it with Personal Hygiene Rating.

Thomas Lister

System Updates Today, System Issues Tomorrow

Chad Elliott

I'm Here To Kick Ass & Chew Bubble Gum And Am Fresh Out Of Bubble Gum.


My Way Is The High Way [marijuana leaf pic]

Chad Elliott

Every planet needs a dump Earth has Birmingham

Sparticus Jones

A phrase to print on a T shirt " There are two mistakes in this this sentence."


An image of deadpool, holding a unicorn under his right arm, a box of tissues in his left hand and wearing crocs, with writing above saying "real men wear crocs"

Richard Bridgen

I'm attractive to women, sometimes even the living ones.


I only feel uncomfortable around other people and myself

Chad Elliott

Sex with a psychotic woman is great, it's the sleeping with one eye open that's the ball ache.


THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY ..Oh it's Monday.. Shit!


PREGNANT... [That's nine months of my life I'm not getting back]


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